April 25, 2017

Just a few of the Crew Past and Present

Jason, Bondi Surf Life Saver and top bloke. Great knowledge of the area and amazing with our guests.

Glen, no better coffee enthusiast can be found

Matt: super fit and super nice guy. Fitness is in his DNA

The Vertical Adventures Team 2007??

Ryan; developing into a mad skills rider, actually has better skills for his age than most adults!

Jen: her help on the floating climbing wall DC shoes program was awesome and her skills on a bike are up there with the best.


Dennis; his assistance and local indigenous knowledge our on river, bike and kayak programs has been fantastic.

Sammi-kins; A great friend and staff member, Sam is one of the best blokes to learn all about the outdoors from.

Matt, Best Job Winner Ben Southall and Barney

Michaela an Barney

Lucy; started as work experience and now a program manager in Outdoor Education

Barney, Zach and Jenny- DC shoes program

Jenny and Michaela

Michaela and Jenny monkeying around

Christmas in Port- Great team

Elise, she makes each program a success, especially the Youth at Risk Adventure Camps

Some randoms

Murray, incredible in the bush and a sponge of wisdom

Jamie, no words to describe how infectious his passion for the environment and the wonders of science is.

Barney and Jamie Snapper Island

Rescuing an old sea turtle with Floaters disease...unfortunately didn't make it.

Dan, great leader and great safety with clients

Another Dan; a great guide and heaps of potential.